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Swim Technique & Drills Video Training

Each month, you'll walk you through Tri Swim Coach's proven training system. Everything is explained in 10 content-packed video lessons — complete with swimming drills and technique training.


Personal Swim Stroke Analysis

Upload your video of your swimming to a special section of the Tri Swim Secrets for in-depth analysis. Your video will be privately critiqued by Tri Swim Coach.


Customizable Swim Drills and Workouts

You'll get week by week workouts that are easily customizable to your abilities. It doesn't matter if you are brand new to the swim or an experienced triathlete — We've got you covered.


Beginner and Advanced Training Plans

Monthly training plans laid out with the exact drills and technique training you will be doing… and you'll enjoy maximizing your swim abilities.

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What You Get:

  • Technique & Drills Video Training Sessions
  • Personal Swim Stroke Analysis
  • Customizable Swim Drills and Workouts
  • Beginner and Advanced Training Plans
  • Members-Only Forum
  • Exclusive Monthly Chat With Tri Swim Coach
  • Members-Only Interviews

But wait… there's more…

  • "Pick My Brains" Phone Consultation With Kevin Koskella
  • "Break Your Bad Habits" Video Training Lessons
  • "Swimmers Strength Training Program"

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"Hi Kevin, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for your helpful insights, my swimming is progressing. My elbows are higher than before, my catch is smoother and there is less strain on my shoulders. I'm very pleased with the ease of efficiency due to dedication to the prescribed drills in Modules 1 and 2. The shark fin drill has especially contributed to my muscle memory of entering the water closer to my goggle line and a better extension/glide afterwards, thanks!! Eventually, I hope my times are better than a 1:40/100 yds."
- Patty Topper (Triathlete)
Twitter @triswimcoach

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